Fun Loving Criminals (Scooby Snacks)

Fun Loving Criminals. I am sure most of you have never even heard this song, but to me it is a real classic! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Tom Petty Don't Come Around Here No More

Another Tom Petty classic! Alice in Wonderland meets Mr. Petty....

They Might Be Giant (Mammal)

How can you not click on that : ) This song is on a much lighter note. It is performed by They Might Be Giants, but I think someone else just made up the video to go with the song. None the less they did a pretty good job!

Street Spirit by Radiohead

One of Radiohead's earlier works... Video is pretty trippy

Pink Floyd Goodbye Blue Sky

Still relevant and disturbing today.. Pink Floyd's Goodbye Blue Sky. Please let me know what you think!

Weezer Rocks On!

I have never actually seen the video until just now.. not too shabby! Weezer Beverly Hills

Pink Floyd Welcome to The Machine

Please amazing animation for it's time... Looks a lot like some of the shots from the wall. From the Pink Floyd album Wish you were here.

Pink Floyd Pigs On The Wing

A little known gem by Pink Floyd from the Animals Album. I would really love to here everyone's take on this album/song... Just an amazing work of art. This is the full version of the song so enjoy. Let me know what you think of "The Floyd."

Black Sabbath - (Black Sabbath)

This is a great version of the song Black Sabbath. It is a bit different from the album version. The video is ok, but the song really rocks!


Radiohead's Paranoid Android, very strange video... the song really jams! I would love to here your interpretation on this one.

Pink Floyd's High Hopes

Pink Floyd, as visually stunning as ever....

Here is a link to their offical site

Radiohead Just

Radiohead Just... one of the best videos of all time in my opinion. If anyone has any guess on what he says at the end let me know!

For more info on Radiohead you can check out there strange website... and don't forget about "The Big Ask"

Johnny Cash

Jonny Cash covers a Nine Inch Nails song "hurt" I always liked the NIN version, but Johnny does a pretty good job...

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Running Down A Dream..... Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
You can visit there offical site here and check out the new album!

Another Brick in the Wall

From the very disturbing movie by Pink Floyd "The Wall"