When The Tigers Broke Free

Pink Floyd.. one of the best artist of all time! Enjoy this not so well known video from The Wall.

For more Floyd you can check out this video here.

Finger Eleven's Greatest Hits

Certainly one of the lesser know bands out there, Finger Eleven is one of the best rock bands to come out in quite a long while. Great sound and lyrics...

Bones And Joints

One Thing... Some of you certainly have heard this song, but the rest of their music is much different, I guess you would call it the Finger Eleven ballad.

First Time


Eurotrash Girl

By Cracker and from the album Kerosene Hat, one of the best bands out there in my opinion. I only wish I could find more...

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

This song really takes me back... always has been one of my favorites.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

I ran across this video while looking for something "scary", pretty cool stuff... sounds a lot like Dashboard Confessional, but I don't think it is. Enjoy and if you know more about the band let me know! Funny Stuff!