Chevelle - The Red

One of the few new bands out there that are very good. I really liked there first album, I haven't got there second one yet. This song rocks though please enjoy Chevelle "The Red". Anyone else have any thoughts?

The Beatles (An oldie but a goodie)

We all live in a ____________

Pink Floyd - Hey You

More disturbing goodness from Pink Floyd. This song is from The Wall, I don't believe this is in the movie though, maybe you know, it has been a while since I have seen the movie. For all you who haven't I would seriously recommend checking it out.

If you like this video you should check these out, just click on the title!

Pink Floyd - High Hopes
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky
Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine
Pink Floyd - Pigs on the Wing

As you can tell I am a bit of a fan : ) You can check out their official site here!

John Mayer Waiting on the World to Change

This song really expressed how I feel right about now...... I am not really a big fan of John Mayer, but this song is really good you should check it out, the lyrics are very well done.


Rusty Cage - I think this has to be my favorite soundgarden song, what can I say it just rocks....

Radiohead (lucky)

Pretty sad video really, shows the horrors of war and the children that we forget about.


Coffee and TV
You can visit Blue at their offical site here....