Some Of The Best Of Soul Coughing

"Gone Savage For Teenagers With Automatic Weapons And Boundless Love..." I always digged those lyrics! This is one of my favorite songs from the band Soul Coughing called Screenwriters Blues... Enjoy!

Probably one of the more popular songs from this band. This one is Super-Bon-Bon and is set to The Crow pretty well I must say...

This one is just Mike Doughty I guess... sounds like Soul Coughing to me.

There is a ton of songs I am missing as this is one of the best bands out there... Here is their albums, check it out!

2000 Man By The Rolling Stones

I am not sure what is really going on in this video, but the song is one of the best from the band in my opinion. I am sure Jimmy would appreciate this one...

First It Giveth

One of the best bands in recent times... Queens Of The Stone Age!

Another Classic From The Beatles...

And I Love Her

For more from The Beatles check out Yellow Submarine

Ticking Away The Moments That Make Up The Dull Day

Whom ever made this video did a pretty good job... enjoy Pink Floyd - Time

For more about climate change check out Are We Overheating?

Our Lady Peace - Thief

This was always on of my favorite from this band from Canada I believe... they have a lot of great songs so check em out! Here is there official site!

This next one is a little more recent, it's called Innocent from the album Gravity, cool video as well they did a great job...

And finally this is the song that made me like this band so much in the first place, I actually had never even seen this video till today, gotta love youtube!

Camper Van

Life Is Grand... great song! I would guess that most of you have never even heard this song, but after just a few listens I was hooked... and for those of you who don't know Camper Van became the band Cracker.

Cracker's Greatest Hits

Well this is certainly not their best song, but I bet most of you at least recognize this one! Cracker - Low...

For more cracker check out this song called Euro-Trash Girl... I couldn't believe that this video even existed! One of my favorite Cracker songs... Enjoy!

And finally a newer song from Cracker this one is called Brides Of Neptune. Don't know what it is about this song, but I just can't hear it enough...

For more cracker check out their website they are without a doubt one of my favorites!

Extreme - More Than Words

One of the classics... at least in my eyes. Great song, not much of a video, but still this song really takes me back!

The Eels Greatest Hits

Last Stop This Town... Great song, great album, great music!

The Eel's - "fly-swatter" weird video! from the album daisies of the galaxy

And of course, The Eels classic - Novocaine for the soul

For more about The Eels check out their site here!


Tom Petty - Joe

One of the better songs off of the album... The lyrics ring true as well...

When The Tigers Broke Free

Pink Floyd.. one of the best artist of all time! Enjoy this not so well known video from The Wall.

For more Floyd you can check out this video here.

Finger Eleven's Greatest Hits

Certainly one of the lesser know bands out there, Finger Eleven is one of the best rock bands to come out in quite a long while. Great sound and lyrics...

Bones And Joints

One Thing... Some of you certainly have heard this song, but the rest of their music is much different, I guess you would call it the Finger Eleven ballad.

First Time


Eurotrash Girl

By Cracker and from the album Kerosene Hat, one of the best bands out there in my opinion. I only wish I could find more...

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

This song really takes me back... always has been one of my favorites.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

I ran across this video while looking for something "scary", pretty cool stuff... sounds a lot like Dashboard Confessional, but I don't think it is. Enjoy and if you know more about the band let me know! Funny Stuff!


Free Fallin

Tom Petty - Free Fallin

A classic video from a classic artist... for more Tom Petty you can check out Don't come around here no more or Running down a dream!

Blind Melon - Change

Great song from one of my favorite bands... I didn't even know this video existed.

Queens Of The Stone Age

QOTSA - Monter in your Parasol

I don't know what the hell is going on in this video, but the song it pretty good...

Classic Bob Seger

Bob Seger - Turn The Page Live At Cobo Hall Detroit, Mi

If you want more music videos you can check out these Beatles classics or a little number from Pink Floyd.


An Oldie And A New Classic

A Day In The Life... How many drug references can you find : )

Free As A Bird - Pretty amazing that they kept this song under wraps for so long!

For more of The Beatles you can check out this post.


Classic Beatles Videos

The Long And Winding Road

Fool On The Hill

It is really amazing that these recordings almost sounds identical to the actual album recordings... I guess that was back when bands actually had talent and could preform songs live!

For even more of The Beatles you can check out our Yellow Submarine!

The Making Of Dark Side Of The Moon

A great documentary on the masterpiece from Pink Floyd... enjoy!

For more Floyd you can check out a live concert video here or the trippy Welcome To The Machine video!


Radiohead - I am a Reasonable Man

I forget the name of this song, but whomever did the video did a nice job... kudos to them! I can't wait for the next album, such a strange band but very powerful lyrics. Plus Thom Yorke seems to be on our side... you can check that out here!

If you would like to see more Radiohead videos you can check out Karma Police or Lucky.

Pink Floyd Full Dark Side Of The Moon Concert

Great video complete with laser light show, Pink Floyd plays the entire Dark Side Of The Moon album and more. Break out the stuff...

You can find more Pink Floyd videos here or you can visit their offical site here.