Cracker's Greatest Hits

Well this is certainly not their best song, but I bet most of you at least recognize this one! Cracker - Low...

For more cracker check out this song called Euro-Trash Girl... I couldn't believe that this video even existed! One of my favorite Cracker songs... Enjoy!

And finally a newer song from Cracker this one is called Brides Of Neptune. Don't know what it is about this song, but I just can't hear it enough...

For more cracker check out their website they are without a doubt one of my favorites!

Extreme - More Than Words

One of the classics... at least in my eyes. Great song, not much of a video, but still this song really takes me back!

The Eels Greatest Hits

Last Stop This Town... Great song, great album, great music!

The Eel's - "fly-swatter" weird video! from the album daisies of the galaxy

And of course, The Eels classic - Novocaine for the soul

For more about The Eels check out their site here!


Tom Petty - Joe

One of the better songs off of the album... The lyrics ring true as well...