Led Zeppelin

The Immigrant Song performed live in 1969. This is what rock n roll should sound like live...

You can see more Zeppelin ">here!

Led Zeppelin (Dazed And Confused) 1969

Very cool live version from 1969 of Dazed and Confused from one of the best band of all time Led Zeppelin! Today artists sure don't seem to sound this good live...

If you want more you can check out this Beatles Classic or this one from the great Pink Floyd.

Birdhouse In Your Soul

They Might Be Giants Birdhouse In Your Soul. This is a great song and you certainly don't hear this one on the radio often if ever...

Here is their offical site if you would like to learn more about They Might Be Giants.

Faith No More - Epic

Another classic from Faith No More. I wonder what happened to them... I remember Angel Dust and then it seems like Faith No More went down hill.

Karma Polica - Radiohead

I just can't seem to get away from Radiohead. Here is their video Karma Police. Check it out and don't forget to visit their website here and learn about "The Big Ask".